B&W: 2013 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

HandItOver by Janine Sprout
Tree & Lamp by William Wiebesiek
Solivitur Ambulando (It is Solved by Walking) by Natasha Milijasevic
Untitled-1 by Jerry Manning
Phoenix by Bibiana Petrera
untitled10_Burlington by Kenneth C. Evans
The Dollhouse 1 Olympia by Wayne Kritsberg
Open Plains to Rocky Ford by William Weber
Bicycles by T. Eric Henne
19273 10 by Ken Sullins
Morning kayoker by Liyun Yu
4 Casablanca Bar by Edward C. Siarkowicz
End of the Line by Robert Ryan
Prayer Wheels by Charles O. Taflin
Untitled 10 by Lorne Wolk
At the Edges by Arthur Cohen
StudyOfEggs by Galen Schlich
9 by Cristian Flueraru
As Is 1 by Dana M. Davis
Doing Time Barber Chair Phila Pa 2009 by Martin Frank
Untitled 1 by Petr Travkin
game boy by Mike Callaghan
Untitled 10 by Naoto Takahashi
Loggia del Vasari by Brian Bardo
Demolition1 by Jarmo Honkanen
Elevator 1 by Gerald Dietrick
Outsider by Ted Anderson
10.Electric Chair Inside Abandoned Glen Alden Collery by Roger Gaess
Untitled 3 by John Philip Larson
Distant Cranes by Fred De Filippo
A Gang Of Scoopers by Mark Maio
Boots by Amanda Douglass
Buddha  South Korea 2003 by Kip Kania
Sibiu09 by Clint Saunders