B&W: 2013 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

Desert Shelter by Elizabeth Koetje
Untitled11 by Christopher Ruane
cuba cars # 1 by Scott Clarke
Tour Boat; Misery Bay by Mark Kirsch
Baseball by Dan Miller
Dawn by Nilsorn Thuampoomngam
The Boulevard Light by Andre Aloshine
m.jeltema_thelostforest.2011.04 by Margrieta Jeltema
Whistle by Meg Porter
Central Park Zoo by Michael Seif
01 Steeplechase Face Coney Island  NY 1990 by Barbara Rosenberg
Sisters by Michael E. Woodward
Ammonite by David E. Wolf
Abandoned by Norman T. Robbins
Fog over Colonial Park Cemetery by Mark Coggin
Untitled10 by Chad Wise
Mannequin 2 by Shun Jiu Yong
Canyon Trading Post by Steven W. Martin
Homeless Shoes by Peter Charles Labrosse
Wig's_Frankfort_Germany-2 by Liz Alston
Untitled 1 by Nate Johnson
Delta Pump House by Jane Robbins Kerr
Matthias Church by Thomas S. Parry
blackbeauty by Ella Schreiber
Batey #2 by Ronaldo Pichardo
Chain Swing by Donald A. Thornsburry
Engine 3075 by David Parks
Untitled 1 by Oscar Fernandez
Art in the Valley by Nihat Iyriboz
Untitled 01 by Dominika Kochaneck
Another dimension - bicycle by J. Scott  Pollock
Centro de Fotographia by Sarah Kathleen Derr
76 Pump by Harry O'Connor
Lilly and Sun by Mitsu Yoshikawa