Seawall by Terry Farrugia
Aphrodite by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Mission Door by Chris Coffey
Wish I Could Fly by Mirko Vincic
Weathered Building by Robert Reiman
Torn Tin by Roger Lieberman
Convertible with Tree by Andreas Engelmann
Crossing the Neches River by Dennis Fritsche
Corner by Rik Palm
Watch Parts by Barbara Hazen
Chaise Lounge by Darryl Dalton
Kino Mission#7 by Chris Coffey
Bollards at Columbus Circle by Yuriy Krupa
Bottle Tree by Mike Cavanaugh
Web by Lorin R. Robinson
We'll Swing In Spring by Holly Baumann Ambuehl
The Loop by Steve Damascus
Bark And Soles by Rebecca Rothey
Pipe Organ 3 by Bob Witkowski
Barn #5 by Emory Winship
Amphibious Torso by Spyros Lambrou
Time(less)-Motion(less) 2 by Spyros Lambrou
Winter Storage by Vincent Frazzetta
Convergence by Heather Craig
Silos by Simone Koffman
Interstate 8 by Kent Chamness
Ladle and Pears by Peter Ingrasselino
Untitled 7 by Zebulon Goodell
Upside Down #2 by Katherine Burness
Hot Rod by Jan Wolyniak
Santa Fe by Juliet R. Harrison
Chrysler's Pull by Michael Gora
Harbor Lines I by Karen Rozbicki Stringer
Hood Bottle by Richard Tranfaglia
Guardian 4 by Michael A. McCullough
CA's Pasture by Luke Anthony NeSmith
Arabella Sail Ship by Laquinnia Lawson Jr.
Hidden by Elena Ehrenwald
After Hours by Laurene Ashley Elliott
Mt Ebenezer Roadhouse by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Wall 3 by Sophia Koopman
Dechambeau Hotel by Sergio Dennis
Stock Exchange Detail by Eugene Shayevich
Lobster Traps by Vincent Sweeney
2700 I-40 by Susan Berger
Mannequin No.8 by Tom Key
My Day For Dishes by Don Jacobson
Pile Of Crosses by Burton Diephuis
Temporarily Out Of Order by Patricia Leeb
Pinocchio by Douglas H. Willim