B&W: 2011 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Metal Leaf by Katherine Burness
Dock at Hyannis by Adrian Roland Davis
Frontier Analysis by Lee Grossman
The Como Cluster by Paul Crampton
Split Asunder by Dennis Fritsche
Sidewalk On MLK Drive by Susan Berger
Garden Face by Chris Whitney
Untitled by Chong Kok-Yew
Untitled 6 by Stephen Sallows
The Door by Laura Rossi
Sun Medallion with Fence and Ceramic Bowl by Michael Ferguson
Fence by Richard M. Caplan
Window and Shadow by George M. Anderson
Resilient by Luke Anthony NeSmith
The Third of July by Ken Oakes
Oldtimer by Kristin Howe
Mouth by Scott Carlin
Truth by Donald Ungerman
Seaside No.4 by Philip Gornicki
Eggs by Mitchell Spencer
Obsolesence by Philip Gornicki
Macbeen by Richard Wagner
Lamp Post by Darryl Dalton
Lost by Federico Perego
NM Hwy 90 near Mile Marker 19 by Susan Berger
Wink by Rick Menapace
Tomb by Kris Lockyear
Extrusions by Larry Hurlbut
Lower 9th Ward by Tom Key
StillLife by Roy Pataro
Satlon Sea Skeleton by Mike Cavanaugh
Passage by Joan M. Ladendorf
Saddles by Angelina Kidd
Broken Wine Glass  2 by Wayne B. Gibson
Traffic Jam by Kent Chamness
U-Haul by Lee Grossman
Cause & Effect by Chris Coffey
Untitled #3 by Richard Douglas
Disco by Chris Coffey
Rock at Hammond Park by David Bardes
Windmill by Wes Pettus
Door Knob by Darryl Dalton
Beachcomber by Gary C. Zuercher
Untitled 3 by Chong Kok-Yew
Moon Walker by Paul McAuliffe
Old Nickel Plate by Christopher Markk Perez
Untitled #4 by Maila Kesti
Petrified by Brian Gorman
Red Ox Saloon by Jack Knox
Wind Brings Water by Allan McConnell