9996 by Susan Berger
Still Faithful by Robert Weston
Tethered Canoes by Randall Nyhof
Proudly Leading the Way by Dennis Fritsche
Rodin's Hands by Barbara Hazen
Bernies by Douglas H. Willim
Barefoot by Michael Marquess
Untitled by Michael Marquess
Pipe Hanger by Marj Green
Sliver Shoe by Ron Hugo
New York City Taxi by Michael Penn
Shadow Dance by Chris Coffey
Cold Blue Steel by John Huffman
Wig Shop by Susan Berger
Harriet Amelia by Thomas Teich
Bikers Burgers Beds by Michael Solomon
Witnesses by Laurene Ashley Elliott
Train Tracks #2 by Darryl Dalton
Bucket on Wheels by Lee Grossman
Street Lamp by Jan Wolyniak
Fork on Gourd by Richard Wagner
Technological Charity by Kyu Kim
Bank Man is Here Pa by Rudolph De Ram
Waiting by Rick Menapace
Going Dutch by Howard Fine
Wavy Tower by Jan Wolyniak
Morecambe Bay Study I by Michael Reeves
#170 by David Puntel
Blizzard by Lisa Schuchmann
Galaxy Diner by Michael Solomon
Boat at Dawn by Benjamin M. Schaefer
The Gravestone by Rachel Newton
29 Cents by Mark Gubin
Untitled #8 by Maila Kesti
Lone Bristcone Pine by Mike Cavanaugh
Griss Mill by Robert Reiman
Philosopher and Companion by Spyros Lambrou
Cherries Jubilee by Aynsley Stelfox
Untitiled 1 by Chong Kok-Yew
Chrome On The Farm by Rudolph De Ram
Bronze Horse by Robert William Ellis
Wheel and Weed by Ian Danielson
Museum Guard by Ann L. Krumrein
Asleep by Elena Ehrenwald
Penance by Kristina West
Colossal Foot by Dave Rudin
Stout House by David K. Wallace
In the Roundhouse by Christopher Markk Perez
Lightbulb by Mary Woodman
Forgotten Road by Carolyn S. Cogan