Single Flower by Ron Cooper
Irish Working Man by Tyler Vance
Wind by Jennifer Beser
Scoping Things Out by Bernard Werner
Solitude by Stuart Lieberman
Havana Nights by Judy M. King
Girl in Montilla by Virginia J. Mahan
Bar Maid by Tyler Vance
The Gambler by William West, Jr.
Pilgrim by Ron Cooper
Tobacco Aficionado by Joan Malina
Lonely Dancer by Lu Zhang
Union General by William West, Jr.
Lauren Graywolf2 by Ron Cooper
Sisters by Rick Menapace
Passing By by Bernard Werner
Wooden Umbrella by Pak Han
Homeless by Gerald Baldwin
The Mast by Irene Hill
Three Friends by Kenneth Tyson
Street Portrait Homeless with Pride by Timothy Needham
Don't you want to have white babies. by Donna Pinckley
Fayetteville by Alan Hawkins
The Artist by Ronaldo Pichardo
Amish Man Feeding Horse by William West, Jr.
Gaucho by Jorge Gaj
Newlyweds by David W. Goodrich
Untitled2 by Ron Cooper
The naked truth by Jos V. Desmedt
Spring Beauty by Jennifer Beser
Cora 2 by Michael Grimm
Albert Hanne with Sausages by Jurgen Dopatka
!920s Model by Robert Galley
Lit by Gary Levy
Surprised by Ron Cooper
Follow Me by Debbie Scott Queenin
Krista by Jonathan Silbiger
Noelle by Chuck Robinson
Cora 4 by Michael Grimm
Scars from Coming-of-Age Ceremony of Her Brother by Elaine Jones Heron
Reading Granma by Jorge Gaj
Party in My Pocket by Vira Sivachuk
Cowboy Bill by Sally Reis Vogt
Oppositional by Matthew DeZee
With a Song in Her Heart II by Bernard Werner
Untitled 2 by Chester Ng
Be Yourself by Jim Lustenader
Woman with Boy by William West, Jr.
Street Portrait by Timothy Needham
Iqbal's Brother-in-Law by Thomas M. Hoban