3 Hatmaker by William Bullard
Los Abuelos by Ron Cooper
Old Woman Smoking Cheroot by Doug Steakley
Shelter by Carol Wontkowski
Woodworker at Ease by Lynne Schafer
Creation by Matthew DeZee
Shadows by Robert Chrosciewicz
Transparency by Joan Malina
The Man Behind The Mask by Sorin Costache
Calmness by David L. Robertson
Mike the Blacksmith by Jackson Nichols
Laughter connects us to the moment by Lawrence Silverman
Through the Window by Bernard Werner
There are days like this by Michael Merne
Contemplating the Day by Sue Wright
You Should Take This Picture by Carolyn Edelstein
Window by Diane Norman
Hoop Shots by Karen Commings
Mime Makeup by Bogdan Pieniak
4 Fighting Cock by William Bullard
Lou by Jurgen Dopatka
Akha Man by Ron Cooper
Memories and Dreams by William West, Jr.
Growing up Rodeo by Leigh Edmonds
Black Feller To Each His Own by Donna Pinckley
Dante's Inferno by Judy M. King
Pigeon Man by Boris Keller
Eagle Hunter and His Favorite Gal by Elaine Jones Heron
Driver and Carriage Horse by John Sarsgard
Try Me by Tyler Bensinger
Bricklayers Helper by Gerald Baldwin
Friends by Jenny Devine
Randee by Pak Han
Khmu Elder by Ron Cooper
Religious Man by Joe Sack
Ice Cream Kisses by Hillary Greene-Pae
Untitled 7 by Walter Johnson
Real bikes for real men by Michael Merne
Two Lovers by Emanuel Dale
Johnny Depp by Stefan Sappert
Train trip by Scott Fowler
Rebecca by David W. Love
Teaching Moment by Bob Bader
Nick by David W. Love
Busted by Ellen G. Ingram
The Hat by Kenneth Tyson
I Can't Breathe by Tyler Bensinger
En Suite by Rick Dandridge
Untitled 3 by KimLien Dang
Nicole by David L. Robertson