Mountain Man by Bogdan Pieniak
Father's Day by Jane Therese
Morning Coffee by Hillary Greene-Pae
Farm Mechanic by Gene Dominique
Untitled 1 by KimLien Dang
The Laugh by Ron Cooper
Mom's Big Chair by Joseph Lech
Balloon Vendor by Vira Sivachuk
Ken by Jackson Nichols
Age in Repose by 97 Hal Kahn
In the Woods by Jennifer Arce
Ale and Tavi by Jackson Nichols
La Petite Grocery Dinner Prep by Gene Dominique
Bedside vigil by Stephen K. Hall
Lanten Woman by Ron Cooper
Remembering Old Joe by Sue Wright
Mom's Big Chair 3 by Joseph Lech
Smile by Hillary Greene-Pae
Marathon Man and His Cat by Ellen G. Ingram
Hi Mom! by Jerry Grasso
People and the City #3-2 by Dae Won Park
Facets of a Lady by Sara Szpektor
Father of the Bride by Tyler Vance
Fork Glasses by Alex Boya
What Lies Ahead by David L. Robertson
Table Work by Evan William Plunkett
Young and Old by Terry Norman
Three People in a Taxi by John Sarsgard
Untitled 2 by Walter Johnson
People and the City #3-1 by Dae Won Park
Untitled by Josh Morgan
Geir Jordahl by Jackson Nichols
2 Santeria Dancers by William Bullard
Waiting for Normal by Karen Commings
Laborer by Stephen K. Hall
Will you just look at that! by Randy Weiner
I talk funny because my mom is a cracker. by Donna Pinckley
Untitled1 by Ron Cooper
Remember Me by 97 Hal Kahn
The Exit by Ronaldo Pichardo
Intense Stare by Ron Cooper
Dianna by Jackson Nichols
Cowboy Two by Sally Reis Vogt
A Migrant in a Park by Martine Michaud
Ms. Julia by Sylvia Sampson
Lauren Graywolf by Ron Cooper
Long Shadows. Emeryville by Christine Federici
Untitled by Lu Zhang
Barber and Client by John Sarsgard
My Home by Arthur Ammann