B&W: 2009 Single Image

Portraiture / Children

Lady Praying by Roy Hyrkin
Timothy by Frankie Norstad
Makeup 12 by Julio Hardy
Sisters by Gary Kirksey
Fighting by Julio Hardy
Young Girl 1 by Julie Rensen
Jelle by Niek Voort
Max 2 by Julio Hardy
Austin Kirksey Daugthers by Gary Kirksey
5 Year Old with Attitude by Erik Moon
Hannah by Bob Witkowski
A Hot Day by Patricia Lay-Dorsey
A Moment by Lee Manning
Lou with Bible by Dennis Savage
White Shirt by Sina Sadeghi
The Dreamer by Chris Barber
Water Boy by Scott Fowler
Ronaldo by Susan Hayre Thelwell
Bashful by Rosa Calderon
Boys in Sand by Siobhan McClory
Butterfly Wings 3 by Charles Grogg
Innocence by Selim Demirdelen
Little Girl on the Threshold by Louis Montrose
Chloe Sevigny by Howard Schatz
Ever Naming #11 by Jessica Lynn
Don Cheadle by Howard Schatz
The Look by Gerald McDowell
Children and Birds by Ronald Lloyd
Consonance by Paul Crampton
Mohan Samant by Peggy Barnett
The Princess and The Pink Pig by Susan Stone
#3 by Anatoliy Dyachenko
Kissed by the Sun by Lucius T. Outlaw
Emily's Scar by Tootie Nienow