B&W: 2009 Single Image

Portraiture / Children

Whoopi Goldberg by Howard Schatz
The Punk by Rudi Neumaier
Anger by Lucius T. Outlaw
The Cook by Marie Wilson
La Reine by Yves Harnois
Water Baby by Siobhan McClory
Keith by Marilynn Waters
No Burdens by Randall Howlett
Hannah by Bob Witkowski
Dreamscape I by Joan Moir
Gnarley by Stanley A. Singer
Through the Window by Rosa Calderon
Amanda by Peggy Barnett
Three Children by the Tracks by Lung S. Liu
In Recline by G. Alan Myers
Emilienne by Stephen Ouellette
Arabella by Peter Pusztai
Veetta Terrell by Gary Kirksey
Rubian by Stacie K. Erxleben
Alex by Levi Skip Nelson
Friend by Gregory Collins
Playground by Joyce Woolems
Bevin With A Pearl Earring Lebanon PA by Al Morrison
Desert Nomad by Joyce Woolems
Lady at Monastery by Jon Kolkin
Katy as Medusa by Dennis Savage
Portrait of the Last Bicycle Repairman I by Gabor Kapolka
Hide and Seek by Siobhan McClory
Freedom or Oppression by Michael Elenko
Beijing Elder by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Maria by Julio Hardy
Sisters by Siobhan McClory
Cohiba by Hal Robert Myers
Morning by Peter Pusztai