Lots of Bubbles by Timothy Deeter
Mujer Vieja by Hal Robert Myers
Richard with Mexican Mask by Dennis Savage
His Smile by Sandra Freyler
Paying in Artwork by Byong-Ho Kim
Untitled 6 by Nicholas Ossa
Mette by Niek Voort
Athos' Olives by Bill Woods
Untitled 4 by Nicole Gibson
The Fisherkid by Alejandro Suarez
Henry at the Pig Roast by Virginia S. Metevia
Best Friends by Patricia Lay-Dorsey
I Love Lucy by Peggy Barnett
Buffalo Soldier by Stacie K. Erxleben
Woman in Windows by Enrique Ahumada
Individuality by Teeun Medas
Girl with Prayer Beads by Selim Demirdelen
Master Artist by Lee Manning
Davy Crockett by Richard R. Willie
Oh No by Scott Fowler
Lucas by Motamedi Ali-Dad
Wildebeest Hands by John Elliott
Orphan by Donald Dashfield
David Schwimmer by Howard Schatz
Mabel Jackson with Dolly v1 by Gary Kirksey
Old Lady by Dorothy Radley
Vietnamese Kids 1 by Randall Howlett
Untitled 4 by Ernie McDaniel
#1 by Anatoliy Dyachenko
Image 2 by Cheney Lupe
Behind the Bars by Alejandro Suarez
Eyes by Alicja Gubała
Nina in Her Bathroom by Bob Lunday
The Kiss by Lillian Elaine Wilson
Girl Power by Timothy Deeter
Racing by Julio Hardy
After Kite Flying by Bob Lunday
Women in Windows by Enrique Ahumada
Desdemona by Bill Slack
Fran 1 by Julio Hardy
Untitled 12 by Nicholas Ossa
Pearl by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Dressed Up by Stanley A. Singer
Tess by Aline Smithson
Anna May by Marie Wilson
Repose by Jim Lustenader
Dakota by Anastasia Pottinger
Boy on Walkway by Stephen K. Hall
Girl who Lost Childhood by Olivio Argenti