B&W: 2009 Single Image

Portraiture / Children

Girl Power by Timothy Deeter
Racing by Julio Hardy
After Kite Flying by Bob Lunday
Women in Windows by Enrique Ahumada
Desdemona by Bill Slack
Fran 1 by Julio Hardy
Untitled 12 by Nicholas Ossa
Pearl by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Dressed Up by Stanley A. Singer
Tess by Aline Smithson
Anna May by Marie Wilson
Repose by Jim Lustenader
Dakota by Anastasia Pottinger
Boy on Walkway by Stephen K. Hall
Girl who Lost Childhood by Olivio Argenti
Untitled 3 by Ernie McDaniel
Matthew Cunningham by KJ Byrd
Twig Helmet by Dennis Savage
Young prison inmate Lima 2007 by Olivio Argenti
Untitled #1 by Nina Weinberg Doran
Vietnamese Kids 2 by Randall Howlett
Remember 1 by Julio Hardy
Brickmakers Children by Daniel DeLong
Cashier by Joyce Woolems
Makeup 3 by Julio Hardy
Arthur Boynton by Virginia S. Metevia
Bloomfield by Stephan Elko
The Race Is On by Susan Stone
Blind Man Awaiting Cataract Surgery by Lung S. Liu
Fair of Flying by Julio Hardy
Our River by John Elliott