Miranda Tribute 3 by Glenna Rosenberg
Lady Jola by Alicja  Gubala
Venice Beach Women by Jeff Wiles
Black out by Alex Hoffmaister
Self-Portrait by Steven Greenbaum
Sacred Valley by Linda Hollinger
Friendship by Carlos Abraham
I am Hungry by William Acosta
Construction worker by Brittain McJunkin
Joaquin by Ron Cooper
Furrowed by Diane Norman
Mother by Saman Majd
Mudmen Dancers Resting without Their Masks by Elaine Jones Heron
The Boatman by Ron Cooper
Tobacco farmer by Rick Chertoff
Creation by Fattah Zinnouri
Keep the Pace with Me by Ronaldo Pichardo
Eleanor - Irish Traveler by Bob Newman
Girl with a Pearl Earring by Chester Ng
At the Rodeo by Ron Cooper
Helen & Anne - Irish Travelers by Bob Newman
Elephant trainer by Brittain McJunkin
Wool 1 by Bob Kass
Noodle Loft by Steven Savitz
Yes by Sheila Bodine
Virginia by Larry Gregory
Endless Chasm 1 by Mae Koo
1945 by Kathy Conway
Entrance 516 by Bernard Werner
Heff Shenandoah by Linda Hollinger
Hidden Violence by Robert Chrosciewicz
MOMA Stairwell by Wayne Thornbrough
Danny's Alien in a Jar by Jerry Jividen
Leaning Tower of Pisa by Jim Sinsheimer