LOVE by Mike Spector
Man 1 by Doug Testa
Otis by Brittain McJunkin
Worker by Brittain McJunkin
Sunset Stroll by Bob Bader
Street Bikes by Jim Sinsheimer
Blessing by Ronaldo Pichardo
Eagle Eye Cowboy by Perry McNeal
Untitled #499 by Carole Usdan
Chelsea - Irish Traveler by Bob Newman
Good to Be Scene by Wayne Thornbrough
Just a Wipe by Bob Bader
Sleeping Workman by David Patria
Lovely MD by William Acosta
Nathan by Ron Cooper
Woman 2 by Doug Testa
Narcissus by William Acosta
Once Upon a Time by Carole Usdan
Farmer's End by Mark Greenland
Richard by Ron Cooper
Joel 1 by Ron Cooper
Chicago Icons by Jim Sinsheimer
Tua Culpa by Mark Greenland
Smile by Victoria Ruderman
Nighttime Woman by Michael Greig
What Would You Like Dear by Bernard Werner
Back Story I by Gwen Solomon
Catch Her by Randall Boardman
Connecting with Ganesha by Chester Ng
Contemplation by Bob Bader
Portrait of Pain by Gene Dominique
Les Femmes De Paris by Lillis Werder
Fleet Week 2017 in NYC by Stanley Olivera
His Inner World by Sebahat Ersoy