Expression of Faith by Carlos Abraham
Only a small fire by Bjarne Holmgren
Envy by William Acosta
Glam Man by Judy M. King
Carnival Duet by Ronaldo Pichardo
My purse and dog by Alex Hoffmaister
carnival girl by Wesley Maye
The Look by William Acosta
Till We Meet Again by Chester Ng
Aunt Pearlie Sue #2 by Stan Singer
Pandora by Francine Meckler
Yes by Sheila Bodine
Just in the Middle by Ronaldo Pichardo
Reminiscence 2 by Rachel Seoyeon Lee
Philadelphia by Stephan Elko
Aunt Pearlie Sue by Stan Singer
Carnival Gaze by Ronaldo Pichardo
William & Ann - Irish Travelers by Bob Newman
Roma Mother with Child by Francine Meckler
Mr. Ideal Subject by Stanley Olivera
In Deep Thought by Perry McNeal
The Artisans of Hakart by John Eaton
6 Irving Penn Centennial by William Bullard
Village Girl by Lu  Zhang
Intense by Scott Fowler
Bangkok Streets by Robert Chrosciewicz
Semana Santa 1 by Ron Cooper
Kitchen in Maras by Linda Hollinger
Spidey Takes a Break by Bruce B. Barshop
Passerby by Douwe Dijkstra
Untitled #1 by A. Lilia Smith
Waiting to Cross by Ron Cooper
The Kiss by Denes Darab
6. Dancin' Tonite by Jeff Blakely
Four Worlds by Jeff Wiles
Rita Jean by Diane Norman
Reminiscence 7 by Rachel Seoyeon Lee
90 Years by Diane Norman
Noodle Loft by Steven Savitz
Myanmar Woman with Tattooed Face by Elaine Jones Heron
Untitled 2 by Bill Jackson
Lonesome Dove by Chester Ng
Mike by Jackson Nichols
Fading Traditions 1 by Francine Meckler
Cards by Allen H. Reid
You Dont Know How To Ease My Pain by Mae Koo
Entranced by Stan Singer
Mother by Saman Majd
Father and Brother by Saman Majd
Noon by Alicja  Gubala