B&W: 2013 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Grounded by Bill Sinkovich
Grassy Demise by Kaye Carr Hargis
Balcony by Ben Barnes
Satellite Shadow 1 by Edwin George Close II
South Beach Reflection by Alan Wood
Passageways to Who Knows Where by Dennis Hodges
Pontiac by Richard Tranfaglia
Easter by Lee Grossman
Jobs to Do by Marj Green
Water Bottles in Alcove by Marj Green
Dreams from my Childhood by Stefano Sagri
Rechanneling Morris Louis by Larry Torno
Night Train by John Howard
Door in Wall by Allan R. Lamb
Diner Door by Nathan Caplan
Southern Comfort by Mary Tuggle
Absinthe House by Ben Barnes
Still Life by Maria-Helena Markkula
Campsite by Dan Nanni
Old Window by Robert A. Dawson
Death of a Mannequin 2 by Stephen Hodgetts
Departed Avian by Brandon Allen
Old Barn by Ari Plosker
Retired 2 by Deborah Koplen
Waiting Watching by Ronnie Conlin
The Chess Player by Michael Merne
Climax Wind Pump by Mark van der Wal
Still Life On Shelf by Donald Kahn
Left Behind by John D. Wilkins
Quarters Only by Terry Bowker
Maia's Shoes by Nathan Caplan
Entrance to the Wind Tunnel by Marshall Gould
End of the Road by Peter Charles LaBrosse
Options by Patricia Sheley