B&W: 2013 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Resting by Richard M. Caplan
Dispensed With by Anna Capaldi
Teacher's Pet by Susan Annable
Portals Image 14 by Leslie Inman
Left Alone by Kristina Kurtzke
The Cart by Fiona Keyes
Prison Cell by Susan Gendron
Temple Door by Jim Kelly
Bel Air '57 #1 by Dan Richard Barber
Shell Moon by Mary Woodman
Bicycles by Sandra Banister
Ranchos Church by Steve Burkett
Bowling Memorial by Larry E. Jones
Tracks by Dan Nanni
Hail Columbia by Bill Sinkovich
Windy by Bill Sinkovich
Fuel by Tasha Evans
The Streetlight by Shawn Hays
Communion Day by Susan B. Griffith
Landfill Doll by David Guidas
Abandoned by Larry Chan
Porto con Barche by Giorgio Melis
Stove Room by Howard Grill
Perry Path by Jeanine Michna Bales
Magical by Darrell Sano
Reflections on an Angel by Francine Douaihy
Railing by Karen Colbert
25 MPR by Deon Reynolds
The Queen by Erwin G. Markowitz
Three Fence Posts by Marshall Gould
The Gray by Rick Pearson
Receding Tide by Dave Bowman
Art From the Hood by Bill Sinkovich
That Hot Summer by Dennis Fritsche