B&W: 2013 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

No Exit 2 by Anna Capaldi
Double Basses by Richard N. Tucker
The Captive by Dan Richard Barber
Circle and Squares by Dennis Hodges
Prado by Sylvain Chaverot
Atlas by David Johns
Yin and Yang by Edward Ries
Spare Hose by Marj Green
The Gray Drive by Rick Pearson
Roof Vent by Tom Green
Cobalt Gazing Orb by Francine Douaihy
Buddha by Rachel Ruderman
O Pensante by Antonio Guerra
Drawbridge by Robert Steffen
Memory Eternal by Richard Wilson
Sticky Situation by Alan Wood
Windmill by Richard Wilson
Waiting by Patricia Postma
Building by John F. Doyle
The Flutist by Ryan Eastwood
Bench and Path by Robb Johnson
Two Worlds by Marshall Gould
Chair in Window by Edward Ries
Mannequins by Michael Merne
Coke by Mary Woodman
Art Deco Window by Marj Green
Melody by Barbara Bender
Enjoying Spring by Carolyn S. Cogan
The Tooth of Lennon by Sandy Olson
Pear and Bottle by Susan B. Griffith
Car Wash 2 by Alan Wood
Untethered by Robin Ward
Rocks Sculpture by John F. Doyle
Ferocious by Jane Vickers