B&W: 2013 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Anvil and Hammer by Jack Ottoway
Fire Escape by Vien Ngo
Crib by Enrique Alvarez
Where's the Fire by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Biography 4 by Graham Alexander
Bourbon Weight by Jacqueline Byers
Boots by Jim Sinsheimer
Please Take Your Seat by Alan Wood
The Smell of Oil and Metal by Michael Merne
White Bridge by Steve Burkett
Turn in the Road by Nathan Caplan
Worn Out by Stuart Brontman
Left Bank by Diane DeQuevedo
The Wrack by Fred DeFilippo
Old School Photography by Alan Wood
Gum Balls by Miroslav M. Vrzala
Victorian Dentist Chair - Quary Bank Mill by Stephen Hodgetts
Rainbow Boa and Mask by Jeffrey Glasser
French Quarter Street Art by Frank Brueske
Violin by John T. Strong
Pottery by Marilynn Waters
Retired GMC by Douglas Convente
Jewel 6 by Louis M. Champion
Apparatus by Steve Ryf
Two Bicycles by Jack Ronnel
Skull & Pitchfork by Leslie Inman
Machinery Aabstraction #29 by Hal Kaye
Salt and Napkins by Marj Green
Dutch Girl by Dale LaFollette
Two Door 26 Shlush Street by Jack Ronnel
Wash Basin by Daniel Ruf
Panhandle Turbines by Steven Reeves
The Tilted Cattle Chute by Marshall Gould
Cattle Chute to Heaven by Marshall Gould