No. 108 April 2015 : Black & White : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 108

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  1. Michael Kenna: The Eternal Explorer

    “Photographing is like life. I embrace the short amount of time we have in this life and I make the most of the limited time I have to photograph. I cannot imagine ever being tired of this profession. There are so many aspects about what and why we photograph: visual pleasure, personal empathy, intellectual stimulation, technical excellence.”

  2. Public Eye: Lewis Morley: Spirit of the Times

    The postwar years in England were brutal. England had won the war, but lost the peace, owing 7.5 billion dollars to the USA alone, and handing over technologies it had developed, namely (among others) the radar, the computer and the jet engine, as part of the deal. The country was bankrupt. The empire that had discovered the law of gravity, founded the theory of evolution, invented the clock, the steam engine, the spinning jenny that mechanized the weaving of textiles, the flush toilet, anesthesia, penicillin, banking, postal stamps, fingerprinting and photography, was dissolving. London was shell-shocked, hungry and indomitable.

  3. Spotlight: Tatsuro Nishimura Portfolio Contest Winner

    “Photographers who do self-portraits are holding something in their mind. I don’t think a a happy-go-lucky photographer wants to do a self-portrait.”