Thinking by Manuel O. Hernandez
Halloween in New York by Robin Herstand
Keeping the Faith in Youth by Ronaldo Pichardo
Aquarium Wonders by Stuart Williams
Man With Hat by Rosa F. Centeno
La Toilette by Tom Hocker
Head Shaving by Suzi Moore McGregory
The Office Party by Bob Thomas
Caroline by Mike Stern Sterzynski
Myah and Giraffe by Stuart Williams
Abraham by Robin Warner
Softness of Rose Petals by Michael Slack
Katharina by Ronald E. Compton
The Street #13 by Hal Kaye
Cold Shoulders at the Beach by Alan Wood
Ben's Lunchroom by RachaelLeigh Flett
Artists in Action by Lars Hyttinen
Aged Man by Marti Belcher
Day-Dreaming Queen by Manuel O. Hernandez
Carney Dude by Tomas DeMoss
Underwater Plate 4 by Zachary Spira-Bauer
Girl With Crow by Felice Bouchier
Untitled 10 by Bob Thomas
The Bride Groom by Marti Belcher
Untitled 4 by Jennifer Walker
Lace and Vanina by Michael Slack
Dancers 9 by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Untitled 5 by Bob Thomas
Big Mama by Joe Bauwens
Sunset Puddles by Dolores Smart
Self Portrait by Tom Hocker
Halloween in New York by Robin Herstand
Garage. San Francisco by Mitsu Yoshikawa
Summer in Coney Island by Robin Herstand
Sunday Best by Bob Thomas
Little Clown Boy in the Slum by Anna Zastrow
Barefoot but Not Pregnant by Robin Warner
Bemelmans Bar by Harry Longstreet
Katie by Susan B. Griffith
Spring Flowers by Ronald E. Compton
Rudoff by Robin Warner
Woman on Blue by Rosa F. Centeno
Nick by Michael J. Moore
Dash and Samarie 1 by Daniel Skrocki
Roger by Bob Thomas
Lost Highways Untitled 3 by Sharon Arnold
Chatting in the Market by Manuel O. Hernandez
Untitled 14 by Bob Thomas
Children in Doorway by Rosa F. Centeno
Summer in Coney Island 2 by Robin Herstand