Untitled 13 by Bob Thomas
The Model by Mary Woodman
Solitude by Manuel O. Hernandez
Henry by Virginia S. Metevia
Rosa Abstracto by Rosa F. Centeno
Sand Worn Glasses by Robert Moran
Combinarse 5 by Bob Tanner
Woman on Yellow by Rosa F. Centeno
Juan by Robin Warner
Untitled 1 by Bob Thomas
Untitled 11 by Bob Thomas
Blues Singer 3 by Michael Greig
Grandmothers Pride by Tom Hocker
Hard Knock Life Chinatown by Robin Warner
Boy in the Water Fountain by Heni Thoma
Nick 2 by Michael J. Moore
Dancers 6 by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Untitled 15 by Bob Thomas
Sabrina by Glen Bering
Coal by Michael J. Moore
Andi by Bob Thomas
Summer Hymnal 1 by Ashley Lebedev
Deep by Mike Stern Sterzynski
Sisters by Tom Hocker
Yesteryear by Manuel O. Hernandez
Untitled 8 by Bob Thomas
Alvez by Robin Warner
Greek Elder by Stan Singer
Resting by Rosa F. Centeno
Sadie in Disguise...with Glasses by Mary Woodman
The Poet by Richard Allen Ashmore
Dancers 15 by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Abandoned Nameless Girl - Nicknamed Hello by Anna Zastrow
Formal Dance Fitting by Tom Hocker
Blue Lady by Darrell Sano
Who Imitates Who by Herminio Alberti
Torae by Mark McCoy
Telling Secrets by Manuel O. Hernandez
Untitled 4 by Bob Thomas
Michaela 2 by Robin Herstand
Summer Hymnal 2 by Ashley Lebedev
The Barista by Richard Allen Ashmore
Homophobia by Rosa F. Centeno
Mother with Child in Hospital by Anna Zastrow
Savannah by Virginia S. Metevia
Girl in Pink by Larry Kincaid
Combinarse 16 by Bob Tanner
Firebreather by Greg Tucker
Red Sari by Beverly LaRock
No Baby by Felice Bouchier