Bleeding Hearts by Suzi Moore McGregory
April by Philip J. Pogledich
Harvest Time by Ron Regalado
Untitled 3 by Eduardo Fujii
Iris by Bruce Blum
Berries by Rosanne Mezio
Daisy #4 by Mary Woodman
Red Peppers by Deborah Mickler
Floating Leaves by Virginia S. Metevia
Blue Banana by Shanna Mae Swanson
Pineapple by Cynthia L. Chang
The Tree by Dan Richard Barber
Fall Leaves 3 by Rosanne Mezio
Leaves by Rosanne Mezio
October Sunrise by Mitford Fontaine
Castries by Robert Hopkins
Canna Leaf by Robert Steffen
Tamarack Twigs and Pitcher Plants by Mat Brutger
Fall from the Series 1 Tree by Dennis Hodges
Water Lily by Magnus Karlson
Fall at Scripps College by Marilynn Waters
Flowering Leek by Lynn Karlin
Agapanthus by Elisa Friscione
Rose Garden -1 by Royden F. Heays
Castilleja gracillima by Don Jacobson
Dissonance 1 by Eduardo Fujii
In Training by Dennis Fritsche
Bird of Paradise by Cynthia Merzer
Daisy #5 by Mary Woodman
Eleven Apples by Kay Beausoleil
Clarkia pulchella by Don Jacobson
Oglebay Fall Flowers by James Wright
Pear by Rosanne Mezio
At the Edge by Paul O'Brien
Bark by Tammy Wigington
Flowerchest by David Klegon
Black-Eyed Susan by Mary Woodman
Dissonance 10 by Eduardo Fujii
Old Vine PM by Peter Griffith
Bouquet by Shanti Golden
Melancholy Memories by Wendi Donaldson
Wild Rose by Mary Woodman
Sorrow by Shanna Mae Swanson
Leaf by Mark Reichert
Figs And Pomegranates by Ron Regalado
Grass Glow by Carol MacLeod
Fall Rose by Carol MacLeod
Three Leaves by Rosanne Mezio
Coneflower by Sandra Hein
Grass in Autumn by Les Berkley