Rat Rod 2 by Dan Richard Barber
Umbrellas by Liz Palm
Cleaning by Joan M. Ladendorf
Boulder County Fair by Sandra Hein
Halloween by Roberto Soares-Gomes
A Pause Between Notes by Dawnita Hall
After the Storm by Izabela Maciusowicz
Party is Over by Liz Palm
Gas Station by Alan Wood
Mannequin Heads by Justin Downard
Canoe on Dock by Seta Karabadjian
Lock Out by Arete Edmunds
Point and Counterpoint by Steve Burkett
Mr. Kohler T. Faucet and Friend by Kenneth C. Evans
Weeds by Glen Bering
Scaffolding by Larry Kincaid
Your Move by Cookie Schwartz
Blue Gate by Alex Hoffmaister
Cyrus House by Gregory Waddell
Napa Carnival by Carlyle P. Johnson
Destroyed by Fire by Susan B. Griffith
Balloons by Alan Wood
Decomposition by Justin Downard
Ready by Henzler
Red Benches by Deborah Mickler
Turquois Maze by Shanna Mae Swanson
Red Door by Lee Grossman
Harmony by Harvey Nissenson
Patio by Edwin George Close II
The Forgotten #3 by Mark McCoy
Big Bear Boats by Bill T. Saul
No Admittance by Allan R. Lamb
Tennis by Carol MacLeod
Flemings Bike by Bogdan Pieniak
Rialto Produce Market by Dave E. Dondero
Privy Seat by Bogdan Pieniak
Untitled 3 by Richard Wagner
Magnus by Henzler
Coffee or Tea by Allan R. Lamb
Untitled 2 by Mike Stern Sterzynski
Open 24 Hrs by Alan Wood
Sucata 02 by Roberto Soares-Gomes
Three Stools by Bruce Blum
The Forgotten #2 by Mark McCoy
Gray Rock - Blue Night by Steve Burkett
Impromptu Gallery by Robert Moran
Bust and Pedestals by Peter Andrew Gravina
The Oni by Jane-Anne Egerton
Blue Stand by Steve Burkett
Vase by David Jakelic