Color: 2012 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Morning Dew by Dennis Fritsche
Dragonfly by Miroslav M. Vrzala
Let the Good Times Roll by Ron Regalado
Shoe Chair by Stuart Williams
Windsor Ruins by Richard Allen Ashmore
8-Dueces by Thomas Mate
Maui Town Pier by Ann L. Krumrein
Dancers 3 by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Goosedown and Duckweed by Mat Brutger
XKE by Sanford Davis
Homage to Kertesz by Joanne Scherf
Nightboat by Jane Spencer
Mardi Gras Lady by Alan Wood
Road Trips by Alan Wood
Rainbow Window by Stan Singer
No One Told Them by Lee Grossman
Sandwich by Joan M. Ladendorf
Hippie Chic by Ron Regalado
Christmas Lights by Barbara Warren
Miami Shower by Alan Wood
Beyond the Looking Glass by Joanne Scherf
Waiting For Service by Gregory Waddell
Mannequins 5 by Hal Kaye
International by Alan Wood
Cold Drink Cart by Thomas Cole
Cypress Bench by Deborah Mickler
Door Scene by Joel Cossrow
Stop by Barbara Bender
Illuminated Memories by Richard Allen Ashmore
Washers by Jan Wolyniak
Madeline's Home by Marilynn Waters
Magical Venice by Dolores Smart
Ferris Wheel by Stephen Bitel