Serenity by Mary Goodrich
Chained by Jacob McDermott
Nightlight by Jacob McDermott
The Loop of the Rope by Esperanza Gomez
Victoria and Albert Museum by Ted Tribolati
Bodie, Outer Banks, NC, 2020 by KC Rose
A Quiet Little Place by Larry Bean
Ephemeral Order by Larry Bean
Letting Go of the Past by Larry Bean
Ready and Waiting by Larry Bean
Have a Drink by Barbara Maker
Waiting to Fall by Gary Webers
Log Hauler, Fayette Historic Ghost Town by Gary Webers
Shopgirl #31 - Laugh It Up! by Jenny Verdonk
Cherub by Thomas LaBounty
Corners Without Exits by Chuck LaChance
Not to Touch the Earth by Chuck LaChance
The Ace of Cups by Chuck LaChance
Gasping for Air by Carlton Johnson
House Cat by Hakan Strand
Barn Doors by Robin Zygelman
Passing Thru by David Cohen
Former People and a Steeple by Gerald Shonkwiler
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors by Gerald Shonkwiler
Reflected Lights by Gerald Shonkwiler
Steppin' Out by Gerald Shonkwiler
Sails by Karla J. Levi
Dock Post by Karla J. Levi
Mailbox by Karla J. Levi
Foggy Day by Karla J. Levi
Game On by Stephen Majsak
Take Your Best Shot by Stephen Majsak
The Backdrop by Kenneth Tyson
Boat Mykonos Greece by Bob Neiman
Fort Jackson by Bob Neiman
Gulfstream Front Landing Gear by Bob Neiman
Holocaust Memorial by Bob Neiman
I'm Feeling Boxed In by Bob Neiman
Sailboats by Bob Neiman
Chalice by Cyd Peroni
In Knots by Cyd Peroni
Locust Phases by Cyd Peroni
Underwire by Cyd Peroni
These Boots Are Meant for Walking by Lucy Lasky
Offseason, Iztuzu Beach by Lee Grossman
Yard Work by Dean Forbes
Breaking In by David Cohen
Untitled by Marjorie Gurd
Bricks by Gary Matson
Corroded Roof by Gary Matson