Thrilla by Gary Levy
Lonely Lamp Post by John D. Antesberger III
Reflection on Window by Jerry Kay
Uploading to the Cloud by Paul Dunphy
Center Stage by Christopher Genheimer
Shower Stall Wall by Tom Kirkendall
Century City by Jim McKinniss
Sand Patterns by John Kuhn
Apple by Grant Ryan
Beachcomer by Jamie Heim
Castle De Haar by Bob Neiman
Untitled 1 by Oscar Castillo
Waiting for the Harvest by John Eric Lutz
She's Got Style by T. Brian Hager
Elephants by Vicki Sarris
Delivery by David Mullen
Guggenheim en La Noche by Gerald Shonkwiler
In the Dark by Anne De Geer
Make My Day by Arnold Plotnick
Foggy City by Jeanette Serrat
A Portait of Self-Reflection by Brendan Best
Going Home by David Cohen
Cuba #1 by Scott Clarke
Gumby by Carl Young
Rule the Roost by Margaret Sears Lindley
Burnished Kettle by Dale Dani
18 Wheeler by Gene Dominique
Shopping by Michael Stoklos
Leaf Patterns by David Ruderman
Harbor and Clouds by John Nixon
Les Pipos by Gene Dominique
Century City No3 by Jim McKinniss
Lovely Lines by Robin Zygelman
30 by Andrew Ilachinski
The Diver 2 by Javid Kamali
Professor Domingo at Rest by Carlos Chavez-Andonegui
Small Time Rescue by Natalie Morawsky
One for the Road by Mike Cavanaugh
Mini by Jorge Remolina
The Tower by Philip Rothenberg
Alley in Detroit by Lora Grant
Waiting by Carlos Chavez-Andonegui
Bridge of Hope by Karen Horner
Snow Trekking on the South Rim by Bill Higgins
From the Train by Victoria Ruderman
Spider on a Rose by Patricia Lewis
Ground Control to Major Tom by Leslie Goldman
Untitled by Elisabeth Groat
Iced Neurons by Robert Daum
Opposites Attract by Gary Levy