Winter Scene by Gary Webers
Through The Rocks by Karen Horner
Anticipation by Jim Lustenader
Feather Frost by Stuart Myrhow
Love you by Jacob Gopas
Ghost Ship by Steve Condiotti
Torii Gate by David Ruderman
Got a Sharpie by Mike Cavanaugh
Old Kitchen by Gerry Limjuco
Windy Day by Barbara Maker
Jessica by Gene Dominique
Untitled by Zack Martin
Schoolers by Vicki Sarris
Night Gate by Michael Gyurcsak
Ceiling abstract by Andrew Ilachinski
Hair by Jim Lustenader
A New Palm Perspective by Bryan Sabol
Piano Keyboard in the Round by Harvey Silber
Wat Chalong by John D. Antesberger III
Chains of Faith by Paul Bibby
Mount Meru Mutt by Arnold Plotnick
In the light by Anne De Geer
Fort Jefferson by Steven Dembo
Sleep while standing in a metro. by Peng Zeng
Cotton by Robert Daum
Fallen Tree in Lake Superior by Lisa Thorne
Rare conception by Jorge Remolina
Silent by John Eric Lutz
Lost by Lee Grossman
Desert Angel by Dale Dani
US Highway 50 by Stuart Myrhow
Balls by John Nixon
Descending by Frank Stopa
Scorched Earth by Khafiz Gondry
Psar Kandal 6 by Dana Langlois
Palm Sunday Procession by John D. Antesberger III
Agave by Rosemary Williams
It's Wet by Ira Dwoskin
Two Chairs by David Gray
Irrational Exuberance by Carole Usdan
Don’t look up by Michelangelo Viterbo
Mermaid by Cynthia Roelle
Higher Up by Marc Bocobza
City heat by David Saiget
Voyeurism by Dodie Park
Marta's Stair by Fiona Warren
The Broad by David Karamian
Untitled by Tiziana Sonia Spelta
SUMMER SKIES #6 by Carl Basner
Ingenue by John Diephouse