Inhale Exhale by Carole Usdan
Rue Des Arenes by James R. Swartzlander
Contemplation by Marc Nolin
Conodoguinet Bridge by David Gates
Underneath Little Island by Chuck Campbell
Following a Ghost by Gwen Solomon
Iceberg by Vijay Karai
Skateboard Park by Gerry Limjuco
Geometry Figure on Ceiling by KT Shiue
Two Eggs by Gail Illman
Unclaimed Baggage by Gerry Limjuco
Lamp by Jarmo Honkanen
I See You by Lucy Lasky
Destruction by Dave Sova
One way by Christopher Genheimer
Wind Power by Javid Kamali
Psar Kandal 3 by Dana Langlois
In my living room - after the storm by Michael Starkman
Empty Nest by Stephen Bitel
CIRCLING AROUND by Barbara Maker
Dog and Cloud by Prescott Lassman
Puddle Jumper by Debbie Scott-Queenin
A little life by Michelangelo Viterbo
Amish Diner by Prescott Lassman
Into the Light by John Hamilton
Cape Paximada by Oriol Ribas
Dogwood Sky by Jurgen Dopatka
Fort Ross State Park-2 by Victoria Ruderman
Century City No4 by Jim McKinniss
Nature Preserve Sunrise 2 by Laurel Fink
Ketchikan by Eddie Wexler
Quatrefoil Composition by Gerald Shonkwiler
Banys Arabs Stair by Gerald Shonkwiler
On a Clear Day by John Eric Lutz
Playing with Shadows by David Ruderman
Quarai Ruins 2 by Susan Delgalvis
Bamboo by Kibun Sen
Unity by Dana Redick
Conversations by Candace Kubinec
Morning Mist by Fiona Warren
Kvernufoss Waterfall by Chuck Campbell
Waiting by Debbie Scott-Queenin
Wall of Water by Natalie Morawsky
Paperwhites by Rosemary Williams
Stony Path by Vijay Karai
Arched by Candace Kubinec
Lily Ann 1 by Marna Bell
Cactus by Brenda Phillips
Clinic by Natalie Morawsky
Origin #11 by Lee Grossman