Battle of Ft. Sanders 2 by Rosemary Williams
Death #1 by Arvid Fimreite
Amish Teacher & Student by William R. West
The Bride by Aaron Marko
Sweet Fresh Oysters by Lawrence Silverman
Blues by Martin Drapkin
Masquerade 1 by David Cohen
No Corruption 10 by Silvestre Machado
Teens by Lynne Mass
Warrior Princess by Andrew Kim
Caballeros by David Tucker II
Broadway Baby by Jim Lustenader
Women's March # 91 by John Roy
Cry for Peace by lodiza LePore
Getaway. by Ludmila Ketslakh
Teaching by Alan Wieder
Firefighters 3 by Carl Young
Women at Lunch by Hillary Greene-Pae
Working Hard by Aleksandr Ostrovskiy
Bubbles by Shaun Larkin
Brooklyn Bridge by Helena Stjernberg