Coney Island #8 by Myron Slabaugh
Son of Apathy by Martin Drapkin
Coach by Brian Peyton
Gentle Smile by Doug Testa
Lamar by Ron Cooper
The Joy of Being Two by Barry Rosof
The Fabulous Fabulon and Her Amazing Talking Cat Reno by Charles West
Pat and Hazel by Martin Drapkin
Against the wind by Arvid Fimreite
Chavonne by Kenneth Meyers
Aging Gracefully by Charles West
Love My Cigar by Robin Zygelman
Double Longing by Robin Zygelman
Coney Island #1 by Myron Slabaugh
Three's a Crowd by Carl Young
Dancing in the Dark by Nathan Dean
Semere by Ron Cooper
Miami Heat by David Cohen
A Prudent Conscience by Nino Oliastro
The Scream by 120 Hal Kahn
Selves by Leanne Trivett
Drag Queen Scott Free by Ron Cooper
Woman with Hat by Martin Drapkin
Mama Mia by Jessica Margo
Shamman by Bob Bader
Gaze by Grace Pui Wan Ho
Man Sitting On A Crate by Jack Feder
A Friend by Daniel Ivan
Tara with Nebula by Ron Cooper
Day to Dream #6 by Evan Plunkett
My Newspaper by Doug Testa
Sophia Knight Character Headshot by David Nienow
Prairie Woman - Lisa by Bruce Morton
Designer by Paul Italiano
Lady With Laundry by Robi Chakraborty
Suspicious by Paul Italiano
Prairie Man - Rick by Bruce Morton
No Bikes On Sidewalk by Mitchell Nelles
I'm Lost by 120 Hal Kahn
Portrait 748 by Joel Rubin
Crimson Reign by Dan Dozer
Aida in Thought by Michael Stoklos
Two Women by Martin Drapkin
Maori Maiden by Beamie Young
Icy by Judy King
Drag Queen Vanessa Patricks by Ron Cooper
Sampling at the Farmer's Market by Charles Crain
Haunting by Dan Dozer
Gypsy Woman Bottlefeeding by Jean-Luc Dubois
The Conversation by Ellen Ingram