World Trade Center by Pierre St-Arnault
Linda #1 by Martin Drapkin
Untitled 01 by Stuart Mark Hayes
Shadow Play 2010 by Gary Friend
Car by Karen Sanabria
Contemplation by Bob Bader
Cafe Terrace by Jim Lustenader
Lock Up by Otto B. Scherf
Blizzard by Jim Lustenader
Earl Thomas by Warren Brunner
Herramientas de Trabajo by Frances Miller
Before 1 by Mark Georgiou
Toni #6 by Martin Drapkin
Mamoo by Joan Moir
Chance Meeting 1979 by Gary Friend
Meats by Boris Keller
New York Giants vs St Louis Cardinals by Joe Coleman
No One to Play With by Warren Brunner
Protest in Brooklyn by Jeff Rothstein
El Platform by Jay King
Egg Seller by David Ruderman
Hippies and Flags by Gary Friend
Adolf Kneile the Shepherd by Jürgen Dopatka
City Shepard by Samuel H. Brown
Riding the Rails by Warren Brunner
Grain Elevator by Andrew Weinstein
Mother's Touch by Warren Brunner
Untitled 02 by Stuart Mark Hayes
Store for Sale by Warren Brunner
Coney Island Artist by Andrew Weinstein
Snowfall by Richard Batch
Swings For Glory by Samuel H. Brown
Untitled 05 by Stuart Mark Hayes
Bench Scene by Jay King
El Jardin of the Town by Michael Olwyler
Officer Doubtful by Charles Crain
Untitled 03 by Stuart Mark Hayes
Smoke Break by Charles Crain
Two Friends At Roosevelt Elementary School by Paul Genin
Cultural Transition by David Nanni
Race Fans by Boris Keller
Support System by David Nanni
Pastry Princess 2 by Otto B. Scherf
Coney Island Arcade by Andrew Weinstein
Notre Dame Bookseller by Jim Lustenader
A Lot To Live by Jim Lustenader
Minetta Street by Michael Olwyler
Desert in Africa by Jack Feder
Cityscape by Pierre St-Arnault
Two Friends On The Stairs At Roosevelt Elementary School by Paul Genin