Vintage Images

See No Evil by William R. West
Vanishing Point by William R. West
Deer Jesus by William R. West
No Man's Land by Bob Bader
Tug of War by Otto B. Scherf
Shadows in Light by William R. West
Uncle Sam on Stilts by Kathleen Fischer
Tibetan Refugee Woman by David Ruderman
Sinatra Celebrity Softball by William R. West
Photographing Disney World by Matthew DeZee
Sex by Douglas Carr Cunningham
Gravel Yard Pipes by William R. West
Baby Walk by Boris Keller
Abandonded Factory by William R. West
Paparazzo by Jim Lustenader
Generations by Candace Kubinec
Morning Ritual by Otto B. Scherf
Husband Lib by John Custodio
Central Park by Jeff Rothstein
Gathering Storm at Cypremort  Point by Charles Crain
Lucky Strike #1 by William Bullard
Grandfather and Brothers by Lynne Mass
Sitting Pretty by Otto B. Scherf
Morning News by Mary Catherine Scherf
Diana Ross on Boardwalk by William R. West
Soaring Ballerina by William R. West
Dr.J Airborne by William R. West
Fishing by Otto B. Scherf
Wrestlemania by William R. West
Waiting for the Next Mardi Gras Parade by Charles Crain
Oscar Carter's Store by Warren Brunner
Steel Worker by Carlos Caruso
Marche-Ste-Maxime-Peugeot by Francis Elsocht
Circus Elephant by William R. West
The River by Pamela Walter
Playtime by Mary Catherine Scherf
Artist by Jim Lustenader
Proud Riders by Gregory Collins
Past & Future Dreams by William R. West
Kiss in Diner by Jay King
The Gambler by William R. West
Barbara by Matthew DeZee
5 Boys by Jay King
Mother Earth by William R. West
Mickey Mouse by John Custodio
Circus People by Carlos Caruso
Washington for Jesus by Karen Sanabria
Green Shutter by Pamela Walter
American Made by Steven Taddei
Couple by Jay King