Masking Orders by Leonie Moreland
Guardian by Richard Batch
Simply Outlined by Sara Szpektor
In Before the Storm by Gary Koenig
Silhouette #1 by Saman Majd
Beach Stroll by Lynne Mass
Makeup by Khunya Lamat Pan
Blue Moon by Sara Szpektor
Torso #3 by Saman Majd
Glass by Khunya Lamat Pan
Mother Earth by William West
Undulations by Sara Szpektor
Slump by Khunya Lamat Pan
Untitled by Khunya Lamat Pan
Vanishing Life - ethereal expiration of the universal egg symbolizing the eternal fragility of life and death. by Dick Nosbisch
No Escape by Robert Schwiebert
Loneliness by Ehsan Ghasemi
The Seagull King by Daniel Ivan
Slow Burn by Lisa Haun
Ghost of the Mummy by TR Smith
Silhouette #4 by Saman Majd
The Dervish by Mark Greenland
Shadow Backs by Khunya Lamat Pan
Untitled 2 by Ehsan Ghasemi
Silhouette #3 by Saman Majd
Tjuvholmen by Heikki Gröhn
Three Seconds Backward Tie by Javid Kamali
Fiddler by Arthur Jacoby
Keyboard by Dennis Manarchy
Hold The Line by Javid Kamali
Alone by Kateryna Ilyuk
Bag of Recovered Bone by Alan Lemire
Torso #1 by Saman Majd
Mini Golf by Alan Lemire
Hand to Cloud by Art Braitman
Torso #2 by Saman Majd
I am back by Lu Zhang
Graceful Continuation by Sara Szpektor
Surge by Sara Szpektor
Billboard by Wayne Palmer
Silhouette #2 by Saman Majd
Jerome by Dennis Manarchy
Not There by Richard Batch
Submerged by Daniel Ivan
Alone by Gary Koenig
Untitled1 by Ehsan Ghasemi