Visitation Ocean Casino Resort by William West
Anticipation by Carlton Johnson
Morning Fishing by Lu Zhang
When An Angel Turns Its Back by Dancho Atanasov
Perfect Day by Mark Georgiou
Sunrise in river Douro by Jose Paulo Andrade
Winged Finale by Hillary Greene-Pae
Wait It Gets Better by Jim Lustenader
Pentapinhole by Nadja Tobias
Roaming the Southwest by Susan Delgalvis
Mt Rainier Climbing Party by Bob Neiman
Deserted Farm Buildings with Girl on Bike by William West
Big Catch by Jim Lustenader
Mt St Helens Summit & Mt Adams by Bob Neiman
Trainspotting by Jim Lustenader
Magical Bali by Casey Tan
A Bridge Too Far by Daniel Ivan
Snow Buggy by Stewart Marston
Suspended in Time by Pratibha Reddy
Morning commute by Stephen K. Hall
Not me by Uri Mahlev
Night on the Town by Ron Croft
Oregon Shore2 by William Derwald
Castle Of Kukulcan by Dancho Atanasov
Lone Rock by Dennis Manarchy
Mud Man by Elaine Heron
Protector of the Herd by Elaine Heron
Hidden in Plain Sight by Ralph Baskin
Untitled 2 by John Angaroni
Mirrored Memory by Guy Llewellyn
Girl Smoking by Ron Croft
Road to Yellow Cat by Susan Delgalvis
Infrared Vineyard by William West
Fog in the river by Jose Paulo Andrade
Far From Madding Crowd by David Ruderman
Morning Skyline by Frank Fuerst
Glorious Isolation by Kathryn McBride
The fishermen by Jose Paulo Andrade
Focusing by Jim Lustenader
Sixth Street Temple by Jeff Wiles
Horizon by Kevin Schwarte
Untitled 2 by Saba Anoushahpour
Barn by Karen Thorpe
Tobacco Smell by Marijana Camovic
First Snow by Kay Beausoleil
Rally by Robi Chakraborty
Kids and Cash on Beale Street by Guy Llewellyn
Woman at the End by Gwen Solomon
La Suora by Guy Brooksbank
Watching Your Step by Hillary Greene-Pae