Parallel Worlds 9 by Katerina Ilyuk
6 Butterfly (Self) by Keith Broadhurst
Il N'y Avait Pas De Temps À Perdre by Michel Kirch
In Memoriam by Samuel Vovsi
Ten on the Plane 04 by Silvestre Machado
09 Confrontation by Judy M. King
Transformation 9 by Marilyn Canning
Innsmouth by Derek Mohr
Trumped by Daniel Joder
Wayne #2 by John Siskin
Effects of Child Abuse by Maria Fusté
Dali Girl by Stephen Burnett
Polka Dot Realm by William R. West, Jr.
Untitled 9 by Curtis Salonick
Repository of Memory by Jackson Nichols
Beyond the Bridge by Doug Bisson
Bottles in a Watery Frame by Budd Parker
Circle of Life by George R. Lewis
Looking Through the Lights by Federica Vecchi
Highwire Dream by Liliana Novati
Nut Study #4 by David Bence
Balloons by Mark Ferguson
Lillian Double Image by Ric Savid