Empty Net by Patrick Mohide
My Dad My Hero by Chip VanPelt
Pholiota Musrooms on Birch by Frank Kaczmarek
Untitled 1 by Anne De Geer
Heading East by T. Brian Hager
Great Lakes Dragaway by Phil Fisher
Minnasota River by Lee W. Bass
The Reach by Kathrena Marie
20th Century Theater by Steven Taddei
Fern by Patrick Mohide
County Fair by Steven Taddei
Prayer by Megan Draheim
Into the fog by T. Brian Hager
Hyde Park meadow by Michael Hart
Beach 1 by Megan Draheim
Great Lakes Dragaway #3 by Phil Fisher
40 k by Patrick Mohide
Patriot Guard Riders by Chip VanPelt
Double Exposure by Megan Draheim
Three Crows by David W. Love
Inundated by T. Brian Hager
Beach 2 by Megan Draheim
Four Princesses by Alan Lemire
Pelican by Megan Draheim
Solitude by David W. Love
Amberley Castle Gate by Michael Hart
Great Lakes Dragaway #1 by Phil Fisher
Hungerford Bridge by Michael Hart
A Quiet Moment by Chip VanPelt
Solitary by Kathrena Marie
Arundel Castle by Michael Hart
Damen Brouillarn Park Communal by Francis Elsocht
Great Lakes Dragaway #2 by Phil Fisher
Honor Guard by Chip VanPelt
Lost and Remembered by Steven Taddei
The Board of Trade by Michael Hart
The Good Sargeant by Chip VanPelt
Tranquility by T. Brian Hager