Morning Fog by Mark Ferguson
Bench by Tina Bockstahler
Iowa Landscape by Pete Hendley
Reach Up by Reinier Tuinzing
Austonian Clouds by Alvis Upitis
The Death of Oedipus by Nelson Marmelo
Nature's Window by Camden Hosea-Small
Corn Stubble by Loren Nelson
Traditional Tea House by Grace Ho Pui Wan
Night Flowers by Sandy Lloyd
Cloud and Whale by Arnold Clayton Henderson
Kungsholmen by Anne De Geer
Beach Closed Due to Covid-19 by Mike Cavanaugh
No Entrance No Exit by Antonia Pieczonka
Midtown by Gerard Doolan
Finding the Way by John Kitts
Route 66 by Mike Cavanaugh
Chapman Square by Bill Kirby
East River Promenade by Marlene Weinstein
Entanglement by Steve Ellier Chapman
Tulips by Frank Merrem
Be Brave by Sylvia Sampson
6th Avenue Dandelion by Barry Brukoff
Revel by Gary Levy
Hallelujah Mountain by Grace Ho Pui Wan
Art Between Train Tracks by Victor Ginzburg
Black Sea I by Jenny Papalexandris
Jackfruit-on-Head by Susan Bein
Three by Ivan B. Palli
Cimento by Isbel Dias
Delta Bridge by Farrell Scott
Untitled 6 by John Deason
Poking Through by Natalie Sweeck
Evanescence by Aynsley Stelfox
Puro Norte 5 by Ramón Cruz Guillén
Grin by Les Allen
Rescue by Rachel Ruderman
Chess by Mir-Kian Roshannia
9. Fractured Glass England. 2019 by James Cassidy
Mid Afternoon by Dale Niles
Self Portrait 2 by Alexander
Texture by Clarissa Cervantes
Ruin by Eva Eisenreich
Moon Over Palms by Thomas Blain
Funnel by Nina Brinkerhoff
Strolling by Tina Bockstahler
Masha by Lorne Wolk
Summer Shadows by Alexander Chernavskiy
Istanbul by Waeel Al Toel
Western Tiger Swallowtail by Andy Sanchez Alcaraz