Roots by Tiana Hunter
Smoking Lady by Robert Blum
Vera by Richard Stocker
Angel by Brent Nicastro
Ranch 02 by Tom Kirkendall
Untitled by Tiana Hunter
The Secret Keeper by Nathan Dean
Civil War Reenactor by William R. West, Jr.
Milagro Guy by Lynne Mass
Anna by Christine Federici
Kentucky Avenue Portrait by William R. West, Jr.
Untitled #4 by Saman Majd
Grateful by Beamie Young
Sara by Clint Saunders
Whisperer by Chester Ng
Old Man on Mountain by Perry McNeal
Roosevelt of West Portal by Robert Blum
Cause I'm Free by Javid Kamali
Play Misty For Me by Chester Ng
One Eyed Look by Jos V. Desmedt
Paduang Woman by Victoria Ruderman
Matron by Stephen K. Hall
Gaia by Yves Gaudet
Genocide-The Why of Never Again by Stephen K. Hall
U Call That A Tip by Marvin Gerstein
Waiting by John Hildebrand
Shoe Shine Man by Lynne Mass
Mursi Mother and Child by Robert Blum
Victoria by Kit Snider
JK by John Hildebrand
Young Surma Women by Robert Blum
Home by Kirk Lamb
Bailey Prairie Kid by Dennis Fritsche
Happy Woman by Ira Serkes
Couple by Natalie Morawsky
Bonded by Wendy Hannum
Stoic by Gordon Middleton
Shine by Tiana Hunter
End of the Workday by Gene Dominique
Reverend Lovely Moore by Gene Dominique
Village Chief by Elaine Heron
Grandfather by Wendy Hannum
The Busker by Gerald Shonkwiler
Coffee by Michael Gannon
Ranch 01 by Tom Kirkendall
Maasai Culture by Matilde Simas
Solos & Duets #2 by Christine Federici
Self Portrait by Dennis Bastin
Ben by Phyllis Featherstone
Morikami Profile by Lynne Mass