B&W: 2020 Single Image

Seascape / Water

Flying Stick by Mark Greenland
Sea Wall by Gary Wagner
Coastal Storm by Ralph Baskin
River Zen by Lynn Fundingsland
Keyhole Beach Horizon by Jane Ivory
Trummelbach Falls 1 by Mark Heitner
Old Quarry by Ralph Baskin
Anacortes Layers by Gerald Shonkwiler
Drounding Tree by Tom Kirkendall
Coke Ovens by Dave Hanson
Moutain In the Clouds by Carolyn Karsten
Forgotten Landscape by Elizabeth Milward
St Mary Lake by Ben Murphy
Emergence by Steve Zmak
Odyssey - Kandavu Passage by Glenn Bloodworth
Reflections by Clint Saunders
Waterfall by Richard Stocker
Ten Degrees and Getting Colder by Don Buelter
June at 12 by Richard Stocker
Sail by Larry Chan
Surf by Jane Ivory
Terraces by Kathy Conway
Wind and Waves by Elaine Heron
Grand Canyon by Kathy Conway
Bathing Geese by Mark Greenland
Untitled 7 by Alexander Meshibovsky
Points Above by Gary Wagner
Pier by Terry Strayn
Rock and Surf by William R. West, Jr.
Solitude by Alan Simmons
Island Cross by Rosemary Williams
Winter Branches by Rosemary Williams
Falls by Edward Ries
Untitled by Rose Walker