Man and Baby by Jay King
Snow Covered Bridge by Michael Parvin
Untitled 6 by John Alfred Wilkins
Hot Air Balloon by Joe Infascelli
Cuttring by Gerard Giliberti
San Francisco by Timothy Floyd
Sheila by Danny Gilleland
Ballet 22 by Danny Gilleland
Cinema Corner House by Eli Dimeff
Vegetable Wagon by Bob Miller
Queen of the Beach by Otto B. Scherf
“LA RAGAZZA DI PIAZZA SAN PIETRO” by Piero Costa by John R. Pepper
Dog on Armchair by Jack Feder
Berlin Wall by Timothy Floyd
Summertime by Michael Parvin
My Girl by Otto B. Scherf
Cozy Passengers by Arthur Ammann
Sweeper by Jim Lustenader
Snow Day by Michael Parvin
By Standers by Steven Savitz
“CRONACA DI UN AMORE” by Michelangelo Antonioni, An Homage to Italian Neo-Realism by John R. Pepper
Josha by Anthony Guidone
Adirondack Station by Donald Cicconi
Go To Her She Calls You Now by Donald Cicconi
Untitled 3 by John Alfred Wilkins
Susan by Myron Slabaugh
Handstand on 1960 Chevy by Myron Slabaugh
Glacial Eratic Boulder by Joe Infascelli
Central Park by Jeff Rothstein
Cats by Leland Bryant
Katy at the Window on Baker’s Farm by Fred Bergstresser
Child by Jay King
Trees in Mist by Jack Feder
Ghost Tree by Jack Feder
“PADRI E FIGLI” by Mario Monicelli by John R. Pepper
Guitar by Danny Gilleland
Two Women by Jay King
Reflections Trees by Francis Elsocht
Mothers Hands by Joe Infascelli
Province Girl by Mitchell Walker Jr
Lunchtime At Civic Center by Kathy Triolo
Untitled 9 by John Alfred Wilkins
Marilyn by John Alfred Wilkins
Buildingscape by Mitchell Walker Jr
Man Made Diamonds by Mati Maldre
Couple by Leland Bryant
Kids in Abandoned Car by Jack Feder
Hub Caps by John Galbreath