Sand by Christine Federici
Conversation by Bruce Barshop
Umbrella Departure by Evan Plunkett
7 Lions by Michael Grimm
9 Holy Procession by William Bullard
A Little Night Music by Ed Sancious
Together in the life by Carlos Caruso
57th Street Rain by Robert J. Anderson
Wait 'Til I Check... by Karen Hanley Colbert
Bicycle Taxi Driver at End of Day by John Sarsgard
Together by Evan Plunkett
Guitar Hotel by Bob Neiman
Chips by Boris Keller
'The Hub' Boston by Baz Diprose
Penny For Your Thoughts by Jim Lustenader
Men Walking by Diane Norman
Baguette Beggar by David W. Goodrich
Forgotten Man by Michael Grimm
Forget the Alamo by Bruce Barshop
The Walk by Evan Plunkett
Street by Tyler Vance
Tribal Center by Bernard Werner
Little Girl by Diane Norman
People and the City #5-1 by Dae Won Park
10 Corona NYC by William Bullard
Passersby by Matthew DeZee
40th St Station by Matthew Mu
South Philly Shopper by Vira Sivachuk
Lille by Pierre Lievens
Security by Manuel Sieber
11 Corona NYC by William Bullard
Untitled #8 by Peter Madero III
Tempe Town Lake by James Haas
Michigan Avenue by Jim Sinsheimer
Together Walk by Evan Plunkett
Sunset by Michael Grimm
Nightlife in Times Square by John Sarsgard
Heavenward by Richard O'Neill
Under the Bridge by Steven Taddei
Nun in Rome by Tyler Vance
Times Square Preacher by Jim Lustenader
Rue de Mouffetard Office by David W. Goodrich
Down On 7th by Dan McGarrah
Top Secret by Krzysztof Brzeski
Verdi Square by Wayne Palmer
College Ave. by Randy Weiner
Fashionista by Philip Lawrence
Street Portrait with Love by Timothy Needham
Mother and Daughter by Bruce Barshop
Playing Dominoes by Phillippe Gross