Electrified by Petr Travkin
Pilgrims in the Church at Rincon by John Sarsgard
Favorite Paris Cafe by Tom Green
People and the City #4-2 by Dae Won Park mp21park@naver.com
Fulton Street by Roger Lieberman
Bus stop by Petr Travkin
Post No Bills by Bruce Barshop
Into the Night by Steven Taddei
Branches & Reflections by Christine Federici
At the Races by Jim Lustenader
Dad by Bruce Barshop
New York City at Night by Diane Michaud Lowry
Lights of Chicago by Jim Sinsheimer
Zebra Trails by Ronaldo Pichardo
Reminisces by Richard O'Neill
Keeping Cool by Suzanne Schwartzman
Crosswalk by Tom Kirkendahl
Street Domino by Jose Olivares
Phone Break by Tyler Vance
Arriving by Marcello Rodriguez
Boots & Socks by Bernard Werner
Shopping Day by Sally Reis Vogt
Ghetto Of The Past by Sorin Costache
Harlem Couple by Bruce Barshop
People and the City #4-1 by Dae Won Park mp21park@naver.com
Barbershop by Diane Norman
Garage by Diane Norman
Woman on Rue Couillard by Pak Han
Pensive by Carol MacLLeod
Big Hurry by Jim Lustenader
Oculus by Silvestre Machado
State of Flux by Michael Stimola
Allo Paris by Jim Lustenader
The Franklin by George F. Laun
Navy Pier by Michael Grimm
Dog Earbuds Scarf by Bruce Barshop
Big Hands by Bruce Barshop
8 Ginjal by William Bullard
Bycicle by Evan William Plunkett
Comprehending the World by Ed Sancious
Town Wall by Evan William Plunkett
Time for a Refill by Philip Lawrence
Crossing by Jim Lustenader
Sleep tight by Pierre Lievens
The Authority by Matthew DeZee
Napoli by Natalie Morawsky
People and the City #1-3 by Dae Won Park mp21park@naver.com
Untitled 1 by James Fitzgerald
Got The Eggs by Phillippe Gross
New York City Before The Virus by Stuart Lieberman