Kayaks by Finn Krogvig
Reflection by Peter Ingrasselino
Highland Wall by Daniel Michael Sierchio
View by Gyorgy Godja
Blowing in the Wind by Brian Gilwee
The Flower by Jon J. Verburg
I Don't Open by Peter Ingrasselino
Dreaming on Sailing by Alejandro Suarez
Window Dressing by Mary Woodman
Hook and Pulley by Marcus Kreidl
Castor Oil and Dogs by Mitch Nelles
Cab by Thomas Ulrich
Stove by Tom Green
Light in the Barn by Daniel Michael Sierchio
Bird On A Wire by Tim Courlas
Untitled 9 by Ernie McDaniel
Untitled by Eric Lajeunesse
Birth of a Ship 5 by Nenad Saljic
Factory Sink by Mark Coggins
Broom Wall by Randy Harr
Hudson by Gregory Collins
Scrolls by Gerry Giliberti
The Ride by Brian Gilwee
Battery Park NY by Annette Willis
Storage by Lynn Whitman
No Wash by Gregory Collins
The Musician by David Wilcox
Tack Room. Marion MT. 2006 by Marj Green
Rio Grande by Randy Raak
Piano Keys by Douglas G. Hall
Steel Plates with Clevis by Diane Kreiter
Railing by Philip V. Augustin
Driftwood at Lake by Seyda Deligonul
With You by Dan Richard Barber
On the Square by Joseph Marler Bailey
Old Car by Tom Green
In the Garden by Alison Lake
Old Ambulance by Germann Ray
Yeshiva Classroom by Rosa Calderon
Gas Pump. Piedras Blancas CA. 2005 by Marj Green
Rear View by Peter Ingrasselino
Twisted Bottle by Jim Greipp
The Old House #4 by Roman Levin
Doll 2 by Theo Damsteegt
Missing Alice Liddell by Paul Crampton
Cherub by Joyce Woolems
Chair In Weeds by Peter Ingrasselino
Angel by Bruce Forbes
Bike on the Wall by Fabrizio Capsoni
Terraplane by Daryl J. Metzger