B&W: 2009 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Rural Landscape #10 by Terri Smith-Roach
After Party by Freddy Beltran
Three Silos by Cole Thompson
The Pleasure by Richard M. Caplan
Two Chairs by Attila Hazay
Chairs and Shadows. Paris. 1998 by Marj Green
Please Order Inside by Joseph Marler Bailey
Low Top All Stars by KJ Byrd
Bygone Era by David Kyungsoo Chun
Doll 3 by Theo Damsteegt
Untitled 14 by Nicholas Ossa
Bass Strings by Jana McLaughlin
Walkway and Shadows. Angel Island CA. 2008 by Marj Green
Four Adirondacks by Ron Hugo
French Church Interior by Mark Lacey
Women's Liberation Statue by Marty Olsen
The Splinter by Mary Woodman
Butterfly Wings 1 by Charles Grogg
Window Dressing by Ron Hugo
Steel Fabricator #3 by Diane Kreiter
Ghost Train by Abram Blakey
Coupling by Thomas N. Ott
Untitled 7 by George Messaritakis
Stove by Gregory Collins
Free by Julio Hardy
Rockettes by Dawn Knapp
Chair for Unwanted Guests by David Wilcox
The Old House #5 by Roman Levin
Butterfly Egg by Mary Woodman
Grader by Thomas Ulrich
Icon by Lisa Boughter
Nesting Sea Horses by Peter Ingrasselino
Family Oar Friends by Christopher J. Piazza
Tool of the Trade by Doug Earle
Angle Over Rubble by Jon Kolkin
Coin-Op by Lisa Boughter
Goose Neck by Joseph Marler Bailey
Trophies by Roy Pope
Abstract 12 by Julio Hardy
Chairs In MistKennebunkport ME by Joseph Barnett
Steel Fabricator #2 by Diane Kreiter
Offering to Buddha by Jack Brady
Bab's Pool by Chere Pafford
Work Shoes by Lynn Whitman
Fallen Angel by Peter Ingrasselino
Statuette 1 by Theo Damsteegt
Steel Fabricator #4 by Diane Kreiter
Knowledge Abound 2 by Robert Weston
Waiting Angel by Mark Coggins
Chinese Character by Rafael Padilla