Sukkah by Layne Morgan
Still Life by Allan B. Goldstein
The Visitor by Keith Waldrum
Celeste by Jean Wibbens
Untitled 2 by Lisa Boughter
Past Elegance by Laura DeNardo
Going Up by Liza Hennessey Botkin
Buddha by Massimo Badolato
Sleeping Gas Cans by Marjorie Green
A Ball and a Cicada by Shinya Ichikawa
Rope by Dan Richard Barber
Pleterje Carthusian Monastery by Joe Cressman
The Three Faces of Fernando the Barber by Les Slesnick
1st Kill by Mike-David Bliss
Looking Down by Elaine Heron
Echos by Diane Michaud Lowry
NV Las Vegas I 15 at Silverado Ranch Road by Leon Syfrit
Tree figure by Wesley Maye
Thinking of Steinbeck by Susan B. Griffith
The First Morning - Window Series by LeeAnne Mallonee
Featherwight by Willem Bannink
Heavy Winds by Gregory Monroe
Rust by Kevin Clark
Kings and Queens by Jeffrey Glasser
Gas Station Tones by Keith Jonson
Cleaning Cart by Jerry Kay
Escape 1 by Georgiadis Orestis
Leather by Arlene Stanger
Teacup and Carnations by Althea Brown
You're Just Too Good To Be True by Gene Dominique
Dancing Straw and Leaves by Elaine Heron
Bennett by Ralph Henzler
Chez la Mere Pourcel by Walter Pinkus
NV Las Vegas I 15 at Primm by Leon Syfrit
1961 Cadillac by Eugene Renzi
Lamp In The Rain by Phil Douglas
That's Disgusting by Marshall Gould
Old Motorhead by Dylan Smith
Remains of a Home by Diane Dequevedo Klein
Making America Great Again by Nathan Caplan
Masquerade by Jos V. Desmedt
Wooden boat and Flags by Stephen K. Hall
Lines and Angles by Keith Jonson
Godspeed by Igor Danilov
La Casa del Maestro by Les Slesnick
Untitled 3 by Stephen K. Hall
Lightpost and Free Bridge by T. Brian Hager
The Grain Train II by Marshall Gould
Forgotten in Time by Ellen G. Ingram
Untitled by Larry Gregory