Storm Breach by William Gleeson
Gray Visit 15 219 by Ron Plumhoff
Grow Up by Paul Crampton
Reflection on Mylar by Jerome H. Kay
Abandoned Home by Gary Alba
Electric Horses by Bernard Werner
Dry Dock by John Keselyak
Scissors by Kelsey Monroe
Reed Cuba Car Painting by Dudley Reed
Stone by Joe Sack
Diner Closed by Diane Norman
Shovel Drive by Gary Alba
Whimsical Cat by Bob Bader
Log Hut and Fisherman by Mitch Nelles
Foggy Back Roads by Alan Wood
Dinner Interrupted by Jeffrey Heyer
Air Travel by Stuart Lieberman
Forlorn Rose by Leslie Hanes
Don't Forget by Paul Crampton
Cotton Boll & Egg by Paul Kister
Derelict Warehouse by Robert Schweibert
Nightfall Whisper by Joan Malina
Door by Jen Vogus
End of Life by Robert Schweibert
Appomattox Courthouse View by David W. Goodrich
Reaching by Laurits Haaning
Garbage by Carole Usdan
Chair in Sunlight by Dennis Fritsche
Illumination by Ellen G. Ingram
This Way for Track 25 by Marj Green
Finished Breakfast by Don Buelter
Bike Shadow by Jerome H. Kay
Nautilus Companions by Robert Preston
The Pier by Jen Vogus
Out of Fashion by David Pantuso
Glendarragh Farm by Sheila Bodine
Magnet Mills #13 by Jurgen Dopatka
Bottles On Window Sill by Peter Ingrasselino
Untitled 1 by Thomas E. Gilson
Soddy Kitchen by Bob Bader
Pursuing Our Inner Mood by Myles Gallagher
Palouse Leaning Barn 3308 by Bob Neiman
Slow No Wake by Gary Alba
Wooden Figure by Allan R. Lamb
The Ride Home by Marshall Gould
Division St Crossing by William Brennan
Flow by Beamie Young
Blizzard by Alan Wood
Defaced by Rosemary H. Williams
Alvaton by Frank Fuerst