Untitled 4 by Susan Bone Annable
I Hear the Wolf by Michael Gannon
The Long Shadow of AIDS by Stephen K. Hall
The Shadow of the Unknown by Duschan Tomic
Self 247 by Carole Usdan
Abstract Trees Mead Rd by James N. Vedder
Sweet Nothings by Jerry Ranch
Bandelier Scream by Kenneth Osborne
Stranger in the House by Elizabeth Wilward
Murmur Detroit Mi 2016 by Sylvia Ford
New Mission by Steve Zmak
After the Flood by Susan B. Griffith
Self 459 by Carole Usdan
Field by Ben Barnes
The Boy and the Birds by Ross Deverson
Untitled 1 by Susan Bone Annable
High Heels and Anchor in the Rain by Alan Wood
Lost Identity by Sylvia Ford
Dejected. Pottsville Beach by Ken Ball
Untitled 3 by Susan Bone Annable
Untitled 2 by Susan Bone Annable
Last and Late by Carlos Rozensztroch
Opening and Closing Eyes by Carlos Rozensztroch
Ghostly by Susan B. Griffith
Rejected. Dejected. by Ken Ball
HazMat 2 by Marilyn Canning
Day of the Dead Guitarist by Susan B. Griffith
High Heels in the Rain by Alan Wood
Different Strokes by Stan Singer
Path by Ben Barnes
Untitled by Michael Gannon
Cross by Eduardo Garcia
Nero Strumming by Michael Gannon
Untitled 1 by Simon Laufer
Megan by Ken Ball
Three Graces by Marilyn Canning
Odds and Ends by Susan B. Griffith
The Last Goodbye by Ken Ball
Untitled 2 by Simon Laufer
Untitled 3 by Simon Laufer