Metaphor / Surrealism

Messages by Mark Caseres
Untitled 4 by Susan Bone Annable
Seeking Religion by Candy Delaney
I Hear the Wolf by Michael Gannon
Victor Victoria by Tiina Kirik
No more Chicken by Tiina Kirik
In Ruin by Candy Delaney
The Long Shadow of AIDS by Stephen K. Hall
The Shadow of the Unknown by Duschan Tomic
Taxi by Tiina Kirik
Untitled 7 by Marina Black
Self 247 by Carole Usdan
Abstract Trees Mead Rd by James N. Vedder
To Believe Or Not To Believe by J. Michael Skaggs
Sweet Nothings by Jerry Ranch
Beauty In Decay by Candy Delaney
Bandelier Scream by Kenneth Osborne
Fractured Soul n. 03 by Eduardo  Fujii
Spaghetti Bondage by Tiina Kirik
Stranger in the House by Elizabeth Wilward
Murmur Detroit Mi 2016 by Sylvia Ford
Onetreeme 9 by Erlend B. Enger
New Mission by Steve Zmak
After the Flood by Susan B. Griffith
Self 459 by Carole Usdan
Field by Ben Barnes
Help by Candy Delaney
The Boy and the Birds by Ross Deverson
Untitled 1 by Susan Bone Annable
Invisible Man Emasculation by J. Michael Skaggs
High Heels and Anchor in the Rain by Alan Wood
Rosary by Candy Delaney
Hanging Out by Emanuel Dale
Untitled 6 by Marina Black