Mono Lake #5 by Eric Wiswell
Moeraki Boulders by Shaun Mazurek
Late to the Supermoon by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
Imminent Darkness by John Lewis
Skaftafelt Island by Massimo Pedriali
Road to Leenaun II by Bernard Werner
Wave Pacific by Scott Hoyle
Jackson Lake by Barry Guthertz
Beached Berg No 4 by Steve Burkett
Seascape by Scott Fowler
Boulders by Mark Greenland
Bandon Beach in Haze 2 by Joan E. Bowers
Mysteries of the Sea by Debbie L. Rubin
Pier Clouds Ocean by Steven Greenbaum
Sudden Storm by Ron Trimarchi
Early Light Along the Danube by Herbert Swick
Pond by Nicholas V. Sherbina
Clearing Storm by Jack Curran
Arboreus by Jerry Ranch
Columbia River Gorge by Jerry Basierbe
So You See by Jon Evan Glaser
High Tide by Sorin Costache
Raquette Lake Morning #14 by Carl Rubino
Pokegama Dam by Michael Berry
Narcissus by Tina Kim
59th Street Pier by William West
Into the Water by Bjarne Holmgren
Winter Estuary by Lawrence Hislop
Waiahole Beach by Marilynn Waters
Mono Lake Reflection by Michael Kuznitz
Trees in Mist by Nicholas V. Sherbina
Newburgh Lake Fog by Jerry Basierbe
Waterfall 2 by Ursula Hoppe
Gulf Coast Beach #93 by Carl Rubino
Antibes Wave 1 by Christopher Priebe
Bank of the Seine by Michael Slack
Hallowed by Jon Evan Glaser
Realities Merging by David Martin
Salt Flats by Kathy Conway
Slow Flow by Bjarne Holmgren
Baltic Sea by Bjarne Holmgren
Saint Mary Lake by Jazan Kozma
Coral Cove Park 2 by Bob Neiman
Surf and Sky by Gary Wagner
Long Pond Shoreline by Wayne Thornbrough
Untitled 3 by Tom Mindivil
Under the Pier by Mike Spector
Morning Light by Jeff Bibb
Morning Solitude by Jack Curran
Approaching Storm and Beach Rocks by Lawrence Hislop